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On Wednesday We Wear Pink… And Blue

If you get the reference in today’s post title,well then “you go Glen Coco!”

Enjoy my pink print on print corporate casual look.

Pink Boyfriend Blazer (Forever21(thrifted),$8)
Moschino Inspired Tee (,$15)
Periwinkle blue and white striped dress-folded down and worn as skirt ( Forever 21, $24.00)
Pink and white striped satin sling-back pumps (Shoedazzle,$14.95…on sale)



In the Navy

I hold my loved ones ever so close. I have four siblings and I love all of them …like…a lot…til the end of time and beyond!! These past few years have been rough because we were so close to each other, but now we are sprinkled about the globe.

Today’s post is near and dear to my heart.  I am doing a style tribute to two of my brothers who are in the Navy. To Joel and Mark, I thank you for your service and I miss you dearly *insert tears here. P.S. yall better like my post or I’m telling Ma! lol

Enjoy my Navy Blue Style narrative/tribute


Sheer Sleeveless Button down Blouse (Forever 21, $12)
Navy Khaki Bow Split Skirt (, $18)
Fringed Sandals (Zara,$49.99…on sale)
Mini Suede Studded Bucket Bag (Diane Von Furstenberg, $3 thrift win!!)
Scarf (Thrift, $1)




Teal the End of Time

Teal is one of my fave summer colors!

This beautiful color combines both blue and green to give a fantastic hue similar to that of tropical waters (which is perfect considering that is where most of us wish we were right now).

To compliment the Teal, I ideally chose blue and green accessories to uplift the white in the dress.

Mixed Media Teal and White Shift Dress ( $8.80)
Satin Teal Ribbon Lace-up Pumps (Madison x Shoedazzle ,$7.50)
Faux Snake Skin Purse (Target, $13…Old)
Green Imperial Jasper Gemstone Bracelet (Jewelry Designs by Tim Ellis, $35)


The Olive Khaki Skirt

Khaki styling  is one of the hottest trends this year, along with Gladiator sandals.

Today I decided to post my iteration of these two trends, drawing inspiration from the

White Crop Top ( $7.00)
Bow Slim Split Army Green Skirt (, $16.67 on sale now!)*
Heeled Gladiator Sandals (, $7.50 ,bought last season)
Gold Statement Clutch (Zara, $19.90 bought last season)
Bangles (old)
Cat Eye Sunnies (Citi Trends, $2.99 I know right!!)
Dainty Body Chain (itsrichgirlz, $18.00)
*If you order this skirt please make sure to know your measurements as it runs small*


Monday Blues

Uplift the ”Mundane Monday” and bring some sexy back. Kick off your week with a nice outfit.



Thigh Slit  Maxi Dress (,$19.99)
Shoes (Zara-old)
Faux Leather Jacket (Apple Bottoms-from back in the day )
Gemstone bracelets with tassels (Jewelry Designs by Tim Ellis, $38 a piece)

Easy Like Sunday Morning… Or Afternoon

Growing up in church, especially in the South, come Sunday morning you better be right! That meant getting clothes ready on Saturday and making sure that hair was laid by putting your scarf on real tight after you get it done.

My dad is a strict Jamaican preacher, so I always had to make sure my dresses were modest and no arms out either. So today, I rebelled a bit.


Collar Necklace(Forever 21, $8.00)
Gold Plated Waist Belt (GoJane,$7.00)
Navy Floral Dress (,$13.00)
Cobalt Faux Suede Pumps (Charlotte Russe, $10.00)

HighLite Up Your life!

I usually don’t wear colors this bright, but since I’m bold enough to start a blog….why not?!!



Neon Orange Skirt (Asos, $17)

Peplum Belt (Asos, $12)

Python Lace Up Pumps (,$27)

Gold Cuff (Vintage-stolen from mom)

Mini City Bag (Zara, $30)


Are you ready to take the plunge and add some color to wardrobe?