In the Navy

I hold my loved ones ever so close. I have four siblings and I love all of them …like…a lot…til the end of time and beyond!! These past few years have been rough because we were so close to each other, but now we are sprinkled about the globe.

Today’s post is near and dear to my heart.  I am doing a style tribute to two of my brothers who are in the Navy. To Joel and Mark, I thank you for your service and I miss you dearly *insert tears here. P.S. yall better like my post or I’m telling Ma! lol

Enjoy my Navy Blue Style narrative/tribute


Sheer Sleeveless Button down Blouse (Forever 21, $12)
Navy Khaki Bow Split Skirt (, $18)
Fringed Sandals (Zara,$49.99…on sale)
Mini Suede Studded Bucket Bag (Diane Von Furstenberg, $3 thrift win!!)
Scarf (Thrift, $1)




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