Sick Day


Me allergic to my family at this point.

Now keep in mind I’m a tired mom and I’m sensitive about my ish.

Sick Day.

Roses are red,

Violets are blue.

Im sick of these kids,

And hubs can go to.


I give them my all,

I give them my best.

Its just hard to get things done

With a 1 yr old hanging from my breast.


So listen up moms

You are not alone.

Its ok to have feelings

Of wanting all of them to be gone. 

*snap snap


Look, I love my family like the next mom but I’m calling out today.I work long hours ,need more benefits, and my boss (my one year old) is always riding me. The past two weeks my body has literally been calling out on me. I have had food poisoning,indigestion, and dehydration and yet I still have to show up to be mom. Like I caaaannnnnt! Im literally sick! It’s been raining non-stop for a week,and I am on pins and needles waiting for my collaboration payments to hit my account. Jesus, take the bills,I got the wheel.


“Families are a blessing and blah blah—“,look I don’t need to hear all that.I know how great my family is,but its hard being on all the time.Remembering everything hubs forgets (cuz they forget a lot),constantly reminding my 8 year old that deodorant is non-negotiable,and fussing at a 1yr old to drink from a sippy cup instead of my lop sided boobs (all her fault btw) are daily tasks. Not to mention remembering to comment back to my audience on IG cuz God forbid the algorithm punish me for not engaging fast enough.

I work from home with my husband who just transitioned to full time photography. I also still breastfeed a belligerent and sassy 17 month old. She is so aggressive with my nipples yall! So anywho, like I was saying Im sick! My body needs a day off from all the junk food and the rest of me needs a day off from the family.Moms we gotta take care of ourselves.You ever heard the phrase “you can’t pour from an empty cup”? Well that is what i have been doing and my body is over it.As much as we think as moms that we can do it all we simply can’t. Sometimes I don’t trust my hubs enough to handle things like me and I need to stop that. Granted he won’t handle it like me, but it will still get done.I mean the other day when I was on my deathbed due to food poisoning ,I went in the fridge to get a swig of Gatorade . I found a pack of division cards under the tomatoes.How Sway?? Apparently my 8 yr did it in an attempt to keep her math skills fresh…chile i dont know,I’m just speculating at this point.


So yes,Im sick of it all! I’m stealing my husbands Hennessy and my baby’s Juicy Juice and I’m making a mommy cocktail that will keep me laughing and buzzed while I rewatch Golden Girls.I will be in quarantine until further notice

signed ,
-Sick Mom

p.s. If you see me out looking happy without my family, mind your business. It’s my day off, okay? 


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